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Research Write-ups and Editorials

Biden risks losing crucial support from Black Americans over Gaza stance (TRT - Feb '24)

A growing generational divide is fueling polarisation among US voters (TRT - Jan '24)

For American Muslims, Biden’s Israel dilemma becomes a voters’ dilemma (TRT - Jan '24)

An overlooked and undercounted group of Arab American and Muslim voters may have outsized impact on 2024 presidential election (The Conversation - Dec '23)

Biden has already lost Arab American support over Palestine. So what now? (TRT - Dec '23)

Banking While Muslim (ISPU - Mar '23)

The (Dis)parity of White Muslim Political Attitudes (ISPU - Aug '21)

Who are White Muslims? (ISPU - Apr '21)

Muslims in American Politics: Complexities of a Communal Identity (Berkley Forum - Jan '20)

To Have and to Hold, Part Two: Interracial Marriage among American Muslims (ISPU - Jan '20)

Muslims Believe Poverty Is the Result of Bad Circumstances, Not Bad Character (ISPU - Nov '19)

To Have and To Hold: Interfaith Marriage Just as Common among Muslim Americans as Christians (ISPU - Jan '19)

Born in the USA: How Nativity Affects the American Muslim Experience (ISPU - Nov 2018)

What’s the Hidden Story Behind American Muslim Poverty? (ISPU - Oct '18)

Which Muslims Voted for Trump? (ISPU - Aug '18)

Are Muslims Intolerant? Is that Even the Right Question? (Yaqeen Institute - July 2018)

Who Thinks Muslim Leaders Should Condemn Terrorism? (ISPU - Jan '18)

How American Minorities Responded to Hostility (ISPU - Dec '17)

Discrimination Across Intersections (ISPU - Dec '17)

All the Single Ladies (ISPU - Oct '17)

What Makes Muslims Vote? (ISPU - Sept '17)

Why Muslims Give (ISPU - Sept '17)

Why the Muslim Vote will be Crucial in this Election (Patheos -  Oct '16)

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